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What to bring on a live aboard?

What is a Liveaboard Dive Boat?

Liveaboard diving allows you to spend the whole day underwater at your favored dive destinations. Once on a liveaboard, scuba divers can experience up to 3 dives consistent with day at extraordinary dive sites with one surface c programming language in among every dive.


The common time spent on dives websites is ready half-hour or so this means that scuba divers are able to see extra of the reefs and marine lifestyles than they would whilst staying just for one night at any given place.


Liveaboard itineraries provide extra than just ordinary sunlight hours dives or perhaps even catered meals – it’s no longer unusual for scuba divers on liveaboards to wake up earlier than sunrise, devour breakfast together, start their day with up to two-morning dives, wreck for lunch, then head out any other couple of afternoon dives earlier than playing dinner collectively at night time accompanied through stargazing from the deck as they watch nightfall settle over the watery horizon or even placed on your dive equipment for night time dives.


Why Consider Scuba Diving off a Liveaboard?

Diving liveaboards and dive safaris provide a super opportunity to explore the ocean’s depths. Scuba divers will be able to experience as much range and diversity of marine lifestyles from tiny invertebrates, massive turtles, sharks, or even whales at a ramification of dive sites.


Liveaboard journeys also visit some of the best diving locations in the world such as the Galapagos Islands, Cocos Island, Cayman Islands, Socorro Islands, Bahamas, Maldives, and Egypt.


For example on a liveaboard ride diving within the Galapagos islands, relying at the time of year, you could scuba dive with sea lions, stingrays, eagle rays, manta rays, marine iguanas, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, white tip reef sharks, sea horses, barracudas, turtles, and reef fish many of the black coral and colourful algae.


What is it Like Onboard When Scuba Diving?

Raja ampat diving liveaboard are typically very cozy with spacious cabins or dorms wherein divers can stay for days at a time.


They also commonly have an onboard dive deck where you’ll get your gear set up earlier than each day’s first dives whilst the boat anchors in deep water after which slowly go back to shallower water in the course of floor periods so you can enjoy greater bottom time than might generally be possible if staying simply one night at any given vicinity.