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The Best Things to See and Do in Bonaire

Is Bonaire Safe to Travel To?

Hotel Bonaire Kralendijk has a reputation for being one of the safest islands within the Caribbean.


As of this writing in early 2021, Bonaire is considered secure for guests, in line with america and Canadian International Travel guidelines.


It’s nonetheless really helpful to take all the vital protection precautions while visiting to a new vicinity, which include now not leaving valuables for your condo car and preserving your property close. You can also lock your valuables in the safes offered by using the hotels.


Is Bonaire Expensive?

Prices in Bonaire are slightly higher than in the European Netherlands or U.S for the reason that most goods and products want to be imported to the island.


Because it’s off the beaten track and a popular diving vacation spot, expect to spend a touch greater than you might in other Caribbean international locations on transportation, meals, and lodging.


Tipping Etiquette in Bonaire

Tipping expectation is much like the U.S. Expect to tip 10-20% to taxi drivers, eating place servers, bartenders, and lodge and wait body of workers.


Check your bill before you add a tip. Many eating places on the island robotically add a 12-15% service price which is already considered the top.


It’s considered the norm to tip dive store body of workers round 10% as well.


How to Pay for Things in Bonaire

Almost all restaurants and stores take delivery of cash or debit cards with worldwide insurance. Credit playing cards are also broadly normal.


ATMs are available so you don’t must convey a large bulk of cash with you.


Don’t neglect to deliver pocket money whilst roaming across the island! Some stalls and shops handiest take delivery of cash, as is preferred in the Caribbean.


What to Pack for Bonaire


Casual or casual garb are acceptable almost everywhere besides for the greater upscale restaurants, so p.C. Those tees, turn flops, and sundresses!


Most people wear their swimming gear at the seaside simplest. Bring a quick-drying blouse and cowl-americaif you plan on leaving the beach to grab a chunk to eat. In the water, use a wetsuit (a shorty will do), a rash guard, or a lightweight long-sleeved shirt for sun protection.


Don’t forget about a reef-safe, herbal sunscreen! You don’t want to harm the coral reefs or get a nasty sunburn even as on the ride. You should buy eco-friendly sunscreen at the island but it’ll be plenty more luxurious than if you bring it from domestic.