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“Prometheus Rising” is a playful pop-psychology e-book written by means of none apart from Robert Anton Wilson. Cult-favored fiction author and writer of the present day day Illuminati myth. The ebook is a loosely strung together studying of the past due Timothy Leary’s eight neurological circuits with physical activities on the cease of every chapter.

Robert Anton Wilson considers this a piece of “guerrilla ontology,” and as a stage-headed reader, you won’t know what to remember real or unreal. Modern Witch Wilson’s big push is for the reader to question what he calls their “fact tunnels.” He hammers inside the point that “what the thinker thinks, the prover proves,” that is in a manner a meditation on how concept can both be extraordinarily restricting or illuminating.

The delusion and legend of Aleister Crowley has intrigued many. There were claims that “the wickedest guy in the international,” became a covert British spy or some thing else extra sinister to both conspiracists and Christians alike. The Beatles were given a kick out of him, placed him on the duvet of “Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band” and considered him an influential thinker.

Crowley become many things: a decent poet, mountaineer, black magician and failed founding father of a religion. Writer Israel Regardie served as his secretary for some years. For those who’ve already heard of Crowley, Regardie desired to color a greater humane and fuller photograph of the man, one that didn’t present him as some psychotic evil maniac or religious satanic guru. Although the biography is biased, it safely covers the occult exploits of Crowley even as providing a synopsis of the non secular practices Crowley developed.

“Occultists accept as true with that there may be an underlying truth to the arena this is mysteriously hidden to maximum folks,” Landry defined “We’re all occultists, in a sense, due to the fact we all need to appearance below the hood of the universe. We want to see how the universe works.”

Landry will look at the importance of a extensive variety of occult practices in a public lecture, “Witchcraft,” that allows you to be supplied thru Zoom at five:15 p.M. On Monday, Oct. 12. If you are interested, please fill out this on line shape to advantage get entry to to the lecture.

Landry’s lecture will preview his January 2021 intersession seminar on witchcraft, a course in which students will begin to resolve the occult’s hidden role within the formation of American society, particularly as it relates to issues of class, race, gender and nationality.