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Diving Komodo National Park

The exceptional way to experience Komodo is on a liveaboard. These start from three days, however 7 days is superior to revel in all of the best web sites! Komodo liveaboards are also a far extra low-cost alternative to Raja Ampat liveabords and the price concerned in getting there.

In this guide to diving in Komodo National Park we discuss the satisfactory dive web sites (we dived 10 specific web sites), the charges, operators, stay aboard diving or staying at the island and alternatives to dive from Flores, marine life in the park, pleasant season for divers and Labuanbajo lodging, meals and things to do. Komodo Diving The park is accessed with the aid of maximum from Labuanbajo on Flores Island. Reaching Labuanbajo from Bali is straightforward, test out our Complete Bali Diving Guide for everything you want to recognize about diving from this famous island. Bali has some very quality diving, seeing the large oceanic sunfish around Nusa Penida is simply unique and diving on the USAT Liberty destroy at Tulamben on the primary island is an extraordinary shore dive.

Komodo National Park includes three big islands; Komodo, Rinca and Padar, and also consist of many little islands to cover a total location of extra than 1,800 km2 of ocean and land.

The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was initially mounted to conserve the specific Komodo Dragon and its habitat.

This huge conservation place additionally protects an expansion of different terrestrial species and today is widely known to encompass one of the richest marine environments in the global.

For more approximately visiting and exploring the island see our Komodo island and Flores complete guide

Indonesia might be the exceptional usa in the world for diving and Komodo National Park is truely one of the dive highlights on this underwater paradise. The quantity and variety of fish is unreal, hundreds of thousands of reef fish of all shapes, shades and sizes, lots of huge pelagic fish and sharks hunting in crystal clean water at the pristine coral reefs. The highlights for maximum that visit the park are the huge manta rays gliding around underwater and the Komodo Dragons walking on Komodo and Rinca islands. Komodo is mainly approximately the massive stuff, but do not underestimate the macro lifestyles inside the park, we noticed some extraordinary matters; blue ringed octopus, sea horse, crocodile fish and more.