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Advantages of Alkaline Batteries

Powering Bioenergy

Zinc-bromine batteries with the aid of Redflow (Figure 1) already are being deployed in more than 200 tasks globally. Redflow’s largest installation went on line in January at fertilizer manufacturer Anaergia’s Bioenergy Plant in Rialto, just 50 miles east of Los Angeles. The batteries are a part of a renewable electricity microgrid powering a facility that each day coverts 1,000 tons of wastewater biosolids and landfill-diverted, organic waste into natural gas and agricultural fertilizer. The microgrid is created from 192 zinc-bromine waft batteries, designed to keep 2 MW of renewable power and reduce peak strength use. The California Energy Commission helped fund the microgrid venture, which includes the zinc batteries, a biogas conditioning gadget, a -megawatt biogas-fueled cogeneration unit, and a microgrid control gadget.


Depiction of Redflow’s battery unit. Courtesy: Zinc Battery Initiative

Like zinc-bromine batteries, zinc-manganese dioxide batteries can strength each businesses and homes.  These batteries use the equal base chemistry located in commonplace AA family alkaline batteries. Both zinc and manganese dioxide are abundant factors, and those batteries provide excessive strength density, low self-discharge, and are an economical installation for at the back of-the-meter power systems.  The battery cells are modular and scale from residential to business to application packages; they can also keep as a whole lot as 16 hours of sun energy, best for peak load shifting, resiliency, and energy backup.


Urban Electric Power’s backup strength set up on the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Courtesy: Zinc Battery Initiative

Urban Electric Power recently finished an installation of its rechargeable alkaline battery era at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) (Figure 2), in which it changed 20,000 kilos of legacy lead-acid batteries with a safe, green and value-powerful alternative, in addition to more than doubling the to be had battery backup strength. SDSC’s preliminary set up consists of 5,2 hundred person alkaline zinc-manganese cells and shop 1 MWh of electricity. An additional 5,two hundred cells can be added at some point of the mission’s 2d phase this summer time.


Residential Applications

For residential installations, Urban Electric Power has lately partnered with Alchemy Industrial to release Ohm Core, a residential strength storage gadget based on rechargeable alkaline batteries that charge seamlessly from the grid, doing away with the want for backup turbines and diesel fuel. The batteries can offer energy for on to 3 days at a time and remaining extra than 10 years.